How to Build Trust and Grow Your Business

What’s worth more, the money you get for helping a customer or their trust in you? One helps you pay the bills, the other—a customer’s trust—can help you build your future. Obviously every business needs to get paid or you’d be out of business. But the same is true...

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The 4-Step Method to Handling Negative Online Reviews

Every business, even if it does everything right, is liable to receive a negative review at some point. Sometimes the reviews are warranted, other times the customer is being irrational, but either way, the possibility of a negative review is a reality of doing...

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The Secrets to Getting Positive Online Reviews For Your Business

Think of a customer that is in need of a service that your business can provide. In searching for a provider, what’s the first thing this customer will do? They’ll most likely start with a search engine. According to a recent Pew Research Center study, 77 percent of...

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“The Online Review Builder is amazingly simple to use and helps new patients find us online.”

Mary Anne Larkin, Advanced Hearing Care“Last month alone, 10 new patients called my practice and scheduled because of reading my online reviews. The Online Review Builder is the best marketing idea of the year and any practice that doesn’t use it is losing patients to those that do! It’s essential to my online marketing.” Mary Anne Larkin, Advanced Hearing Care, SC

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