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Skeptical about the claims of the results Online Review Builder can generate?

When we first began offering Online Review Builder, we tested it on 60 of our medical practice clients’ websites. After three months, feedback from our clients was overwhelmingly positive. Again and again, we heard that Online Review Builder was bringing in new patients every month.

One practice owner’s comment was typical; she said that Online Review Builder was the BEST marketing idea of the year — and that it alone was responsible for the sudden growth in new patients calling her practice.

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“The Online Review Builder is amazingly simple to use and helps new patients find us online.”

Mary Anne Larkin, Advanced Hearing Care“Last month alone, 10 new patients called my practice and scheduled because of reading my online reviews. The Online Review Builder is the best marketing idea of the year and any practice that doesn’t use it is losing patients to those that do! It’s essential to my online marketing.”

Mary Anne Larkin, Advanced Hearing Care, SC

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